Inspiration OR Motivation OR Both

Today, while I was going through some random stuff , I found out an article which talked about how Inspiration and Motivation are two different words and that we often use it interchangeably       20c2639

It is very convincing about the article, that Motivation is psyching yourself up , that is we most of the time push ourselves to do something we really don’t care about. Motivation is something which we want to do but it doesn’t lead to the achievement of anything which can really satisfy ourselves. For eg, a person works hard to earn bread for his family , it’s what he is supposed to do but he might not be passionate about his work.

Where as Inspiration is something which comes from within, which draws us naturally towards doing whatever feels best and what we are passionate about. For eg. an non-writer may write a whole novel , which might not be outwardly productive but here the sense of fulfillment is the end result.

After reading all this I was on board with the point that there is difference between Inspiration and Motivation, But one thing which I didn’t agree is, though they might be different but they are  two sides of the same coin. Inspiration and Motivation always go hand in hand. Inspiration keeps a man Motivated, while Motivation leads to fulfillment of ones inspiration and passion. Thus, if one is Inspired, he/she will always be motivated which not only result into a sense of fulfillment but is also a path to success.








Inspiration and Motivation might or might not be different , but they both are Fuel For Success …


Create , Explore , Expand

One morning you wake up and right when you begin with your work , something inside stops you  because you don’t feel like working  and decide to skip the day and realize that the passion and spirit which energizes you to take action is not anymore and you lack motive and inspiration to work. It’s true, right ? This happens with most of us. It is very difficult to wake up every day with passion and inspiration.


So, the Question is How to be Inspired ?  — The Answer to this is actually very simple, open your browser and Google it, you’ll easily get a 22 or 25 steps to get inspired links but I believe that Inspiration which means “in spirit”  is not found by following any prescribed method but from the forces which induces passion within you. This forces are internal as well as external. Internal forces are a must which include to love what you do and believing in you. This  solely comes from within, it is very difficult to wake up every morning with same motivation if you don’t love your work.


The best and famous example which I can remember is of Steven Paul Jobs. He does’nt require an introduction as we all know this man. I particularly took his example to justify my point which is to love what you do and to believe in yourself.Steve Jobs believed and always said- “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”       His constant innovations  which separated him from the flock were the result of him being always motivated and inspired. This was also the reason he was kicked out of his own Company because the Management considered his Inspiration and Innovations to be expensive for the success of Apple but they soon realize he was the key to the success of Apple and Key to his success was his never ending motivation and inspiration to bring change and was brought back to Apple. His biography by Walter Isaacson and  “Jobs” a movie on his life are a great source of Inspiration.


Remember to Trust yourself and have faith that you WILL reach your dreams and This is where your Inspiration begins… CREATE your own InspirationEXPLORE your Dreams and EXPAND yourself.

Fulfill the internal criteria within you and leave the external one to my blog.